my heart’s defense industry

lately i have been noticing
the electricity in the air when we speak and
the way it lingers in the silence between sentences and
thinking of how we could fill that silence
if we wanted with
kisses whispers and moans

i come from the land of walls you know
and i took a little with me when i came here
the gray concrete paving stones
in my chest
surround my heart and
security cameras watch it from all corners
of my body and

snipers are keeping watch
from my shoulders and
the blood in my veins doesn’t
always make it through because
of soldiers patrolling and
my arteries clogged
with road blocks while

my mouth
is a missile defense system
ready to fire on command to
neutralize passion
in the name of self-defense,

having forgotten
or never known
its capability
to roam lightly over your collarbone to
bring you inside to
speak words of desire
into the world to
transcend the space between borders
and our breaths.


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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