let me teach you how we do math where i am from:

29 feb 2012

let me teach you how we do math where i am from:

for example did you know
that a hunger striking prisoner
is cancelled out
by some kids throwing rocks
at praying people?

(don’t worry, nobody died this time).

when you divide the land
by everyone who claims it,
the answer is blood.

(and remember
that it is always the people
who have power
who draw the line
of the division symbol.)

here is your pop quiz,
like everything else it takes you by surprise.

(don’t worry too hard though,
here we always
round off the remainders).

how many walls
do you have to build
to feel safe
in your stolen house?

how many bombings
equal a wall?
how many night raids
and lost family members
equal a burning bus
on a busy street in tel aviv?

how many refugees?
how many refugees?
how many refugees?
how many more refugees?

what is the number worth of a screaming mother a farmer cut off from land a sister in prison?
how many days of hunger until you are free?
how many kilometers to the ocean in jaffa from ramallah?
how many minutes hours days years lifetimes in between?

how many bodies
did you count and
what kind were they
(civilian or militant) and
who gets to decide
if they matter or
cancel each other


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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