what color (resilience)

I. mid october 2011: writing oneself out of oblivion

today i occupied already occupied
i saw my own fist in the air
pale beacon light house manar
from the black sleeve
of asaf’s jacket

i said
“power to the people”
with a lawyer’s phone number written
hastily black sharpie bold on my arm

after spending yom kippur with elaine brown,
i thought,
what color
is my arm?

what color are the frozen hands
sticking out
of my chest un able
to move to act

what color
is that fist
clutching my heart
ceasing all motion

is it the color of sea
or sandy colored buildings
in new york city mistaken
for the middle east?

II. 23 december: back into existence

it is the color of fists raised
in transit camps all over
wadi salib musrara
hatikva kfar shalem neve sha’anan
kiryat shmona gan ha-ir

it is the color of fists raised
in yalu in nazareth in haifa
in bilin in nabi saleh
in refugee camps
in lebanon and gaza in
all corners of the earth scattered
by wind guns and bombs

it is the color of exiled hands raising pens
in new york paris oakland
south florida too in
third countries or fourth countries
trying to write ourselves back
into existence

the color of hands
building home in the present

the color of voices raised
in tunisia morocco egypt bahrain yemen syria
spain portugal london greece here
calling our beautiful future forth
bringing it
to life


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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