red tent poem

conceived in the woods outside durham, NC; birthed in west philly on 7 august.

slept in a tent the other night
passing through a guest, a guest here too
i always thought i would be happier as a guest
we don’t choose these things

the poem herself:
i am bleeding
the shame & rage of the world’s women
bleeding red i am bleeding מלחמה
a river of refugees
flows out of me דם אדום

bedsheet against sky blue walls
used it to pitch a tent
in the town where i left my heart beating bleeding red
a river of refugees
in tents washing the land of —
washing it of —?

this is not
a choice
the land will never
be clean always
דם אדום אדמה

i am not welcome here
or anywhere.

i bleed the ocean out
of my eyes.
she is far away yet close dripping
down my face
into sweet sweet קפה שחור
bringing her bitterness

out of me,
for creation.

מלחמה; milkhamah; war
דם; dam; blood
אדום; adom; red
אדמה; adamah; ground/mud/earth
קפה שחור; kafe shakhor; black coffee (called also arabic coffee or turkish coffee: black coffee cooked on a stove with cardamom and sugar, with the grinds left at the bottom)


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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