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עץ / tree

so the very next morning you taught me how to be a tree breathing deep & feeling my roots the history of struggle ancestors who fought & died to get me where i am my branches the future ahead connectedness, … Continue reading

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eyal in concert

14 july 2011 i am writing to the sound of your voice & your guitar wishing i was sketching a web cam’s view of your face i keep looking up and seeing myself, getting used to my new haircut, imagining … Continue reading

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july 2011 art dump

apologies for the bad quality of the photos — i am without my scanner, so they are taken with my phone.

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on sitting in shul

2 july 2011 today i sat down in shul sat down straight away when everyone stood up to say a prayer for the state of israel, & said b”h silently when no one noticed my sitting. stayed so silent didn’t … Continue reading

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on missing the ocean

A poem has been trying to climb out slowly. i imagined myself in a poetry race with alice walker on a boat with guns pointed & me, further from the ocean than i have ever lived. it hasn’t been that … Continue reading

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