mother’s day poem

yom hazikaron 5771 / mother’s day 2011

ima on mother’s day
your day yom haima yom shelech
i am lying on my belly on the floor
in the old home of your ima,

the pink house on 6th and 2nd
blue and white flag in the front,
it wasn’t always there.

your day doesn’t always fall
on yom hazikaron
but today it does
& i’m not remembering soldiers
but i am remembering

(this house,
the nakba,
our big world histories
our tiny person histories)

& i won’t ever tell you
that men on the street call out to me
(twice today)
because of my big beautiful hair
that you always tell me to straighten
so that american men will be attracted to me

& i won’t show you this poem
cause i don’t show them to you ever
though i know
that you know
they exist
& maybe
a whole me exists
that you don’t know
that i don’t know
that you know.

& so also
the ocean is my mother
& i am adopted
by the other mothers
in this movement of others
& i need you all
to grow.

& when words fail us,
& we just cook together
(i don’t say anything
about what country our food comes from,
although i could)
& you run
your fingers
through my curls
& don’t say
a word,

thank you.

ima: mom, mama
yom hazikaron: memorial day
yom haima: mother’s day
yom shelech: your day


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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