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a poem rises

from the fissures in the ground created upon an attempt to punctuate a sentence with right to left and left to right languages both, a poem rises. when the spirit of the earth tired of drowning in blood spilled comes … Continue reading

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lake worth beach before the rapture that didn’t happen

18 may 2011 i walked to the beach today to ground myself in a place where my giant body is no longer a cage of crushing insignifance for my pea sized soul. your ghost followed me there. i looked over … Continue reading

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There is a way to mourn without making excuses

This is written as a response to Dimi Reider’s essay, “Thirty days: A farewell to Juliano Mer-Khamis.” It is not meant as a personal attack, but to draw attention to a systemic issue that is larger than any of us … Continue reading

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14 may, 2011

a northern wind is blowing today strong & steady so i opened the door to let her in she blew down the curtain & all the posters in my office up to and including our beautiful declaration & his somber … Continue reading

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when faced with the magnitude of stories

in english, arabic, and hebrew testimonies family stories I did not draw the second image.

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mother’s day poem

yom hazikaron 5771 / mother’s day 2011 ima on mother’s day your day yom haima yom shelech i am lying on my belly on the floor in the old home of your ima, the pink house on 6th and 2nd … Continue reading

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continuing nakba education for mizrahim who musta forgotten what it’s like to be refugees

Thank you, Suha Afyouni and Asaf Shalev, for conversations we had in passing that ended up bringing this poem to life, and thank you to the brave and beautiful people people who wrote this imperfect and inspiring letter. 3 may … Continue reading

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