belated poem to rachel corrie

18 march 2011 / 12 adar II 5771

rachel corrie,
on the 8th anniversary of your death
i opened your diary
i flipped through the pages
eyes drawn to the green and purple underlines
from when i had read it two years before

i remember sitting in my bed in my mother’s house
& getting angry.
i thought,
are just
a stupid white girl,
rachel corrie.

& here i was
in this place where
every force conspired
to make me a stupid white girl,

i didn’t
my fate.

but still,
i saw myself
in you,
rachel corrie.

that someday my mother would love
how i am
and too loud.”

i know that i will not give my life for the struggle
or even my eye.
but i will leave my words humbly at the door
and hope they are enough.

i felt in a hurry to write this,
not realizing at first
that every poem i write to you
is already too late.

from "let me stand alone: the journals of rachel corrie"

rachel in the style of rachel drawn by mirit



About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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