three numbered poems

23 february 2011 | 19 adar I 5771

I. nostalgia حنين נוסטלגיה

i won’t say
that i miss
ramat gan,
but i don’t miss
umm al-fahm:
i’ve only been there once,
as a small child.
i’ll say instead
that i miss the mediterranean,
mango trees,
& cigarette smoke,

II. you, the perpetrator

so angry
with myself
that i’m writing about you again
when i said i was done,
& each metaphor
i would choose
to describe you
would be too easy to guess.
so i’ll recite the last one
over and over,
like a prayer,
until it’s true
& you’re banished from my dreams.

III. ليبيا libya

what keeps me up at night
is imagining the air during a massacre:
heat, smoke, & flesh
you inhale,
i picture it,
living it
in my dreams
once i came close,
they tell me
in an attempt to distract.

but still you march,
in and out of you the air of carnage.
عالم اخر هو ممكن,
now i know too,
your breaths are invincible,
عالم اخر هو ممكن,
another world is possible.

عالم اخر هو ممكن:
3aalam akhar huwa mumkin, another world is possible


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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