small revolution מהפכה קטנה ثورة صغيرة

23 february 2011 | 19 adar I 5771

A small revolution happens also.
with a capital A and a period for our legitimacy.

for example when i, with tears in my eyes,
walk down streets half manicured lawn half boarded windows,
& at the intersection find my voice suddenly,

as if learning to speak for the first time:
השם שלי מירית انا اسمي ميريت
my name

& in speaking i speak to others
& we come
to know our bodies & our stories,
our numbers grow & we assemble.

we are a pebble thrown into a pond,
a handful of pebbles,
a mountain —

our waves will carry the uprisings of the future,
washing us
of guilt & self-blame,
our voices once heard
will be joined by others.

we stay up late nights
holding vigil in the public square of our memories,
we will not be moved,
speak —

there is another revolution going on.
small & quiet at first
shifting the foundations so that
when all is cleaned up at the end,
another world exists.

so come,
if you’re ready,
or raise
your voice
to the sky,
or stand
with us

our arms are open
& waiting
for you.

השם שלי מירית: ha-shem sheli mirit, my name is mirit
انا اسمي ميريت: ana ismi mirit, my name is mirit


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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