morning person manifesto.

I’d like to dedicate this poem to the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, whose pen I wrote the first draft of this poem with.

6 january 2010 | 1 shvat 5771

i rise with the sun,
making coffee each day for the warriors before they in turn rise,
trying to be mindful that i,
am a warrior,
by these standards,
and coffee has nothing to do with it.

& if i seem so exhausted after all of your attempted disruption and childish games,
i can tell you now that it is not
i am afraid.
that’s your gig,
made very clear this night,
if not long before.

here’s the real reason also with a bit of speculation:
because thanks to you i got home only a few hours before the sun comes up tomorrow,
and i
with the sun.

& once a lover said to me when i woke her to get out of bed,
she said,
“damn girl you really are still ten hours ahead,
or whatever the time zone is over there.”

so maybe it’s true that,
ten years long gone i’m still living seven hours into the future
dating my poems twice because i can because i move through universes smoothly because i
am a person
of contradictions,
& vision.

but don’t go trying to say
that i’m living גלות running on the time of בית,
as if גלות means only exile,
because you couldn’t be further from the truth
& if i don’t want to sit and hash out a timeline of events with you it’s only because i don’t live
in a world
of linear time or lines joined together signatures on stacks of failed border agreements

& every
is another poem,
or several,
so keep trying
to keep us down: you will fail.

after all,
the people
are rising
like the sun
and sunrise
is my favorite
of day.

גלות: galut, exile, or diaspora
בית: bayit, home


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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