chanukah poem >> freeverse/fireverse

2 december 2010 | 26 kislev 5771

sitting here on the second night of the festival of lights
eatin beans and drinkin grape juice from a jar
wearing two jackets in my freezing cold house

& all
i can think of
is fire.

writing poetry by menorahlight

yesterday i dyed my hair flamingred
a ritual to awaken the giant me who is redheaded
redhanded not afraid
when her own family says traitor

& then i stood with the red all in the floor of the shower
& all over the walls & the curtains
& flowing down my shoulders & my face

& i think
נס גדול היה פה: a massacre

i guess it’s that time of year

for fire & blood

chanukah is sposta be a story of resistance & survival
or something like that
“a celebration of an intifada”
but i just can’t make that work
even if the words come my heart doesn’t follow

so i’ll go thru the motions
write a new prayer

(crossing out מלך העולם each time)

& think,
of fire & blood.

every year it’s something & two years ago in gaza it wasn’t the first or the worst but oh i wept & i screamed & i marched & just one moment it takes for my heart to go back

twisting lightbulbs on an electric menorah in the dorms those days
blue & white lightbulbs
lighting up waking me up
with that blue & white
anymore. דיינו.

fire & blood this time again
in haifa & you know
a natural disaster becomes a political one
by who gets to survive & who doesn’t
& who is held at gunpoint just behind the wall when the fire planes just ain’t coming

so we write a new prayer
(crossing out מלך העולם each time)

& sing it

& pray it
sitting down
standing up
storming the halls of power god willing sayin

next year
we can say
נס גדול היה פה
a little less ironically,


נס גדול היה פה: nes gadol haya po, a great miracle happened here
מלך העולם: melech ha-olam, king of the world
דיינו: daienu, enough.


About mirit mizrahi

artist, writer, activist, giant. זהירות! אני מזרחית
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3 Responses to chanukah poem >> freeverse/fireverse

  1. David Ferreira says:

    I believe this is the first poetry I’ve yours I’ve read, which in a way gives added resonance, the sort of resonance that comes experiencing an artist for the first time. It dwells with you, settles in your mind and heart, and it’s as if all other thoughts quiet down to make sure you hear it, and keeping thinking from it.

    Look forward to more. : )

  2. David Ferreira says:

    of yours*

    I obviously need sleep.

  3. Cait-monster says:

    I think it is SO GREAT you did a blog! I’m in love with your design and looking forward to seeing all the great success you will have ❤

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